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I am a keynote speaker, panelist and judge at leading industry events and research conferences around the world.

I have spoken to audiences ranging from Fortune 500 CXOs to research scientists at leading universities, internet startups and business school classes. I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the world’s leading thinkers and executives including Rich Miner (Founder of Android), Jeff Jarvis, Kevin Rose (Founder, Digg), James Powell (CTO of Thomson Reuters), John Hagel (The Power of Pull), Maria Ressa (Ace Journalist on Al Qaeda) and many others. An overview of key conferences and events that I’ve spoken at are included below.




The Changing Geometry of Business

We are moving from a world of linear businesses which create and push out value to consumers to a world of networked systems which allow users to create and exchange value with each other. We’re moving form straight lines to networks, form Pipes to Platforms. Pipes rely on centralization and control and often develop inefficient bottlenecks in the form of gatekeepers. Increasingly, we are seeing industries being transformed by networked platforms that connect resources with needs by using data and creating a community of trust. Instead of being controlled by an iron fist, these platforms power economies that are regulated by an invisible hand. Industries as diverse as education, healthcare, travel and transportation are being disrupted by platforms that connect disparate resources and skills with the people who need them the most.

This keynote lays out the shift from Pipes to Platforms, taking examples from multiple industries. It lays out the key drivers for this shift and a set of design principles that separate the successful platforms from the unsuccessful ones in the sharing economy.


Platform Thinking: The new rules of business in a networked world

The spread of connectivity, proliferation of the tools of production and the explosion of data are three factors that are changing the where, who and how of business. Businesses that are increasingly emerging as winners tend to leverage network effects. They become more useful as more users use them, create value and put in the data that makes these systems intelligent.

Networked platforms will be the new normal. But traditional industries have been slow to respond. These emerging business models are often dismissed as a Silicon Valley phenomenon that doesn’t apply to traditional industries.

This keynote unpacks the building blocks of the platform business model and explains how the fundamental blocks are applicable across industries. It lays out a framework for building and monetizing new platforms and competing with existing ones.


Platform Disruption: Three structural factors that threaten every industry

Airbnb, Uber, YouTube, Wikipedia and Napster have repeatedly demonstrated patterns that we see in markets disrupted by networked platforms. By redefining who can produce, instituting new curation and trust mechanisms and leveraging data for real-time matchmaking, these platforms threaten the core principles that govern value creation for their traditional counterparts.

This keynote lays out the three structural inefficiencies that exist across industries that allow platforms to create alternate business models and pull user activity to themselves, eating away business from incumbents. It also lays out key principles for executives to ensure that their businesses adapts to the networked economy while appropriately leveraging their traditional assets.


The Interaction Economy: Why the future of business is enabling interactions

The most important innovation of our times is in the new social and business interactions that have emerged with lower interaction costs. Wikipedia and Quirky enable a supply chain to be recreated without the need for a factory or a content house. Viral spread of content makes us rethink the economics of advertising and distribution allowing anyone to build a brand. User communities obviate the need for traditional customer support. Users are the new workforce and interactions are the new supply chains and distribution networks.

This keynote unpacks ten key shifts that platforms leverage to enable interactions and create and deliver value in the networked economy.


Note: All above keynotes can be customized for specific industries.



Key industry conferences where I’ve spoken include the following:

- SIBOS 2014 (Boston)

- MIT Media Labs, Platform Summit 2014 (Boston)

- TheNextWeb 2014 (Amsterdam)

- Echelon 2013 (Singapore)

- CrowdSourcingWeek 2014 (Singapore)

- MIT Media Labs, Platform Summit 2013 (Boston)

 TechVenture 2013 (Singapore)

Casual Connect Asia 2013 (Singapore)

Startup Asia 2013 (Singapore)

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- 500 Startups (San Francisco)

- THNK School of Creative Business 2014 (Amsterdam) 

- MassChallenge 2013 (Boston)

Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre (Singapore)

- NUS-ISS Research Labs (Singapore)

@America (Jakarta)

Computer History Museum (Palo Alto)

Product Nation Summit (Pune)

INSEAD Entrepreneurship (Singapore)

- JFDI Asia (Singapore)

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The Platform Thinking Lecture Series has been delivered in partnership with the following universities:





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Not only did Sangeet distill key ideas into actionable form but he also brought original thinking while delivering his keynote to an audience of leading CXOs. The audience and co-speakers included the CTO of Thomson Reuters, CDO of Pearson and leading executives from Cisco, Samsung and SAP.

If you have Sangeet speak, you’ll have someone who is not merely reporting on critical new thinking, but is also deeply engaged in developing the ideas that matter.

- Marshall Van Alstyne, co-organizer of the Global Platform Strategy Summit at MIT Media Labs


Sangeet is a vibrant keynote speaker with impeccable insight into the rise of the sharing and collaborative economy and new business models around that. He was equally incisive and relevant whether addressing young startups at Echelon 2013 or seasoned government officials at TechVenture 2013.

I would recommend him for any event or audience that needs to better understand the disruption that is happening in the world today, because of changing business models.

- Mohan Belani, Founder of Echelon Conferences, Conference Curator of TechVenture 2013


Sangeet was one of the best keynote speakers at CSW 2014. His talk provided a great strategic view of how crowds, and the platforms that organize them, transform the future of business. I would recommend Sangeet as a speaker on all big think forums discussing the network economy.

- Epi Ludvik Nekaj, Founder and Chief curator, Crowd Sourcing Week


Sangeet explains complicated concepts in simple ways using examples, which allows people to get a firm grasp of the fundamentals of platforms. He is an original thinker who is clearly on top of his material. Sangeet is eloquent and precise in his formulations, with a great sense of humour. He really listens, then engages his interlocutor to get to the bottom of the issue. The participants rated Sangeet as an excellent and amazing speaker, and the session as engaging and valuable because of the level of depth. 

- Karim Benammar, Organizer of Expert Forums at the THNK School of Creative Business, Amsterdam


Sangeet delivered a great talk at the strategy summit at the MIT Media Labs in July 2013. What makes him so effective is his ability to break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand blocks. Even more important is Sangeet’s ability to explain to audiences not just the what and why of disruption, but how to adapt, respond, and thrive in the new business landscape that is rapidly unfolding.

- Geoffrey Parker, co-organizer of the Global Platform Strategy Summit at MIT Media Labs


Sangeet’s conceptual insights as well as practical experiences were deeply appreciated by students. To share a comment from my class:

“The speaker was great! He is very dynamic and presented his material very well. He had many real world examples and his advice was very useful. Overall, his presentation allowed me to see the value of platforms and how to apply the knowledge in work-related settings. I also thought he gave us a different angle on platforms than has been previously discussed.”

It was a pleasure having Sangeet in class, and I hope we can repeat this in the future.

- Prof. Hemant Bhargava, University of California Davis