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My work on Platforms and Network Effects has been:

1. Featured in or recommended by leading media globally, including The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, MarketWatch, WIRED Magazine, Forbes, Inc, TechCrunch, GigaOm, TheNextWeb, The Hindu, Business Insider and The MIT Digital Community, among others.

2. Featured on television interviews with Channel News Asia.

3. Published in the book “Managing Startups”, curated by the Harvard Business School Centre for Entrepreneurship and published by OREILLY Media

4. Ranked in recommendation lists globally, on multiple occasions, by leading industry observers, academicians and venture capitalists like Wall Street Journal’s Must Read List – Voices, Prof. Thomas Eisenmann (HBS), Om Malik (GigaOm Founder) and Fred Wilson (USV).

5. Regularly featured in course material at the world’s leading univeristies including Harvard Business School, MIT, INSEAD and University of California, Davis.



TV Interviews

Interview on Channel News Asia discussing the Facebook-WhatsApp deal and the valuation of platform businesses.


Interview on Channel News Asia discussing Reverse Network Effects and growth prospects for today’s social networks

Key Quotes

“Sangeet is unquestionably the paramount mind in platform thinking. When pitched with all kinds of varied business ideas – he was able to effortlessly explain how each could work as platforms as if he were Neo re-shaping the Matrix. Completely accessible with his ability to convey the concepts he champions, anyone with his contact details should consider themselves lucky!”

- Osher (Andrew) Gunsberg

Television Host of Australian Idol, The Bachelor, Live To Dance, The Hot Hits Live from LA


Sangeet Paul Choudary’s work ties the theory behind online platforms, explaining their causes and effects in depth… the key drivers are documented and dissected with great care.

With spaces such as eBay, Etsy and more recently Uber redefining traditional online verticals and consumer/producer behaviour, Sangeet’s work keeps you one step ahead of what is about to happen and why…  It’s essential reading.

- Kemal Mermutlu, Producer at BBC and TBI Media


Book Publications

I am a contributing author to the book Managing Startups, published by OReilly Media, which curates the best advice on building technology startups.

Other contributing authors feature in this book include Eric Ries, Paul Graham, Steve Blank, Ben Horowitz, Chris Dixon, Brad Feld, Fred Wilson, Ash Maurya and others.


Media Interviews and Publications

The following is a collection of media mentions and publications of my work.

Elements of Platform Thinking

Published on Harvard Business Review and covered subsequently on Leading Company and The Hindu, this article lays out the basic building blocks in the shift towards platforms.

The Age of Social Products

At the intersection of Platform Thinking and the Internet of Things, this article predicts that true value in the sensor economy will be unlocked only when connected products start participating in social communities where each participating product contributes data and the community, as a whole, benefits from the data contributed.

What Twitter knows that Blackberry didn’t

Co-authored with MIT-based economists Marshall Van Alstyne and Geoffrey Parker, his op-ed explores the disruption of traditional linear industries through platforms and explains how to predict the oncoming disruption of industries based on a study of three types of structural inefficiencies.

My essay on How to Disrupt Craigslist was featured as a must-read on Wall Street Journal Digital (erstwhile All Things Digital).

Why business models fail: Pipes vs. Platforms

The shift of business models from linear to networked business models, from pipes to platforms. How management of Platforms is fundamentally different from management of Pipes.

Platforms are eating the world

Three shifts detailing the rise of platforms and the disruption of traditional industries.

A Platform Thinking approach to Innovation

A new approach to innovation where the business relinquishes control to the ecosystem.

The Network Effect Playbook

How to build the next Instagram or WhatsApp and create rapid network effects.

Reverse Network Effects

Why today’s social networks could actually fail because of scale, counter-intuitive to what network effects suggest.

The Rise of the Creator Web

Co-authored with TED Books Author Damon Brown, this op-ed lays out a case for the rise of peer-reviewed work platforms.

The Network Effect Isn’t Enough

Co-authored with serial entrepreneur and Stanford lecturer Nir Eyal, this article explains how network effects are changing since the rise of the social graph.

Disruption Lessons from Airbnb

Inc Magazine recommends my forthcoming book and my blog while reviewing my op-ed on Airbnb’s success at disrupting the hotel industry.

Get Ready for the Social Network of Things

Inc Magazine reviews my HBR article on the rise of the social network of things.

Platform Strategies and the next Economic Revolution

The makings of a new economy in a connected world.

Platform Economics: The  rise of the Platform

The rise of the platform and the driving forces behind this rise.

Platform strategies key to success curve

My HBR article republished in print media at The Hindu, India’s leading newspaper.

Reverse Network Effects: Why Scale May Be The Biggest Threat Facing Today’s Social Networks

A case for the failure of social networks as they succeed and grow larger.

Platform Thinking: Leverage The Power Of Networks For Your Business

An overview of business in a networked world.

The AirBnB Advantage: How to avoid competition and become a multi-billion dollar startup

How Airbnb disrupted the unorganized lodging industry through community curation.

How to win with Marketplaces: The Three Success Metrics

A concise explanation of the three metrics that predict a marketplace’s success or failure.

How to disrupt Craigslist

A playbook for launching the next Airbnb by competing with Craigslist on its weakest point: Trust.

Recommendation: Reverse Network Effects and Twitter

My essay on Reverse Network Effects was featured on GigaOm and recommended by Om Malik.

Recommendation: The Network Effect Isn’t Enough

My article on the future of  network effects was recommended by Fred Wilson.

The Network Effect Isn’t Good Enough

Co-authored with serial entrepreneur and Stanford lecturer Nir Eyal, this article explains how network effects are changing since the rise of the social graph.

Sangeet Paul Choudary on Platforms

My interview on China’s #1 Tech blog: TechNode.

Sangeet Paul Choudary on Platforms 1

Sangeet Paul Choudary on Platforms 2

My interview on India’s leading blog for startups: YourStory.

Hashtags: The future of monetizing social media

A case for monetization of the semantic web through user production rather than NLP algorithms.

Three elements of a successful platform strategy

Original article in HBR republished on Leading Company.

Integration Central to Platforms as a Business Model

My work on Platform business models recommended on IT Business Edge.

Features as part of a curated list on YFS Magazine.