Keynotes and Panels

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SIBOS 2014 (Boston – Upcoming) 

Keynote: How Platform Thinking revolutionizes the banking industry

Keynote speaker at the largest banking industry conference, talking on the disruption of banking and new business models in an age of platforms.


TheNextWeb 2014 (Amsterdam – Upcoming) 

Panel Judge: Startup Competition

Judging Panelist at the largest tech conference in Europe.


Echelon 2013 (Singapore) 

Keynote: Platform Thinking – Designing business models for a connected world

Keynote speech alongside Dave McClure and Sahil Lavingia, detailing the key elements of a platform business model.


CrowdSourcingWeek 2014 (Singapore) 

Keynote: The Changing Geometry of Business

Keynote speech on the shift from linear to networked business models.


TechVenture 2013 (Singapore) 

Keynote: Tomorrow’s Disruptive Platforms: How Data and Connectivity disrupt Education, Healthcare, Industry and Government

Keynote speech on new business models that are rapidly changing traditional industries like education and healthcare. The talk explains the underlying structural shifts powering trends like wearable computing, crowd intelligence, open data and remote work, among others.


Casual Connect Asia 2013 (Singapore) 

Keynote: Building Organic Growth in Gaming

Exploring the problems with viral growth in the gaming industry and outlining a framework to build organic growth in gaming applications.


Startup Asia 2013 (Singapore) 

Panelist: The Next Wave of Startups in Asia