I am pleased to announce that the first open Platform Thinking Workshop will be held in San Francisco on 12th June. The workshop is being held in partnership with 500Startups at their SF office. Tickets and Details available here.

About the workshop

How does one go about building the next Pinterest, Airbnb, Uber or Coursera? How do you design, grow and manage platforms, social networks and marketplaces?

Successful platforms emerge as multi-billion dollar businesses, but most efforts at building platforms either fail to get traction, fail to scale well or fail to monetize. Exploring repeated patterns in success and failure across internet startups and borrowing key principles from platform economics, this workshop lays out the basics of Platform Thinking, a methodical approach to building platforms and achieving network effects and going from idea to a functioning business model.

Topics covered during the workshop include:

1. Business design and architecture for new platform ideas to identify key points of success and failure

2. Designing the core interaction of a platform and executing around that

3. Growth strategies for platforms: Solving chicken and egg problems, designing for organic virality, user activations and reactivations on platforms

4. Engagement design for platforms and creation of social feedback loops

5. Ecosystem management and curation

6. Metrics for managing platforms

7. Monetization of platforms

8. Managing platform competition

Attending the Workshop

You can buy tickets for the workshop at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-platform-thinking-workshop-tickets-11733301621.

Early bird tickets are available at ~50% discount till EOD 27th May.

After early bird tickets get over, readers of this blog continue to get a 25% discount on the General Admission ticket by using the code PLATFORMTHINKERS

Get your tickets now

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